PASAR KLEWER, Batik Business Started From This Market
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PASAR KLEWER, Batik Business Started From This Market
Near the Kasunanan Palace, you will find a secret treasure which make Solo famous in the entire of the cloth business in Asia. It's batik cloth! Batik is a method to draw an ornament from wax on the white cloth, and then it will be immersed on the color water. It will be done several times until the ornament full of ornaments. Now, in the middle of batik business, it doesn't matter if it's crated by hand or machines. In the Klewer Market you can find billions meters of batik clothes here. Range about 60 kilometres east of Jogja as its neighbour city, it only takes 1.5 hours of car riding to get to Solo. Catch a train from Lempuyangan or Tugu station in Yogyakarta will get you faster for an hour riding. Later then, you can choose your departure spot  either in Purwosari or Balapan station of Solo.

Klewer Market is used to a traditional market, built by cooperation between Kasunanan Palace and colonial government. The same pattern also find in Jogjakarta where a big market always near the palace. The Sultan wants people who live surrounded the castle easily find foods. It's a simple and logic decision. But now, the Klewer Market has developed on a big jump, changed into the biggest batik market in Asia. Hundreds people come here everyday, buying billions of batik and sent it into big cities in Indonesia and Asia. The secret success is the bargaining. Big buyers want to buy lots, so the seller will be sold on a big discount. Of course you can find batik made by machine more cheaply then made by hand.

From outside, the market looks like a chaotic area, street vendors are on the trotoar, small buses are stopped everywhere they want to or lots of becak are parking on near the entrance. It's crowded in the Klewer Market; you have to careful with the pickpocket. Perhaps 6-8 doors are being main entrance. But inside, is clean and nice. Don't use you eyes on the first step, but use your nose to smell the batik clothes. It's smell good! Then touched the smooth cloth, felt it touch your memory, does its silk? Or an ancient clothes that you don't recognize?  Now, open your eyes, then felt a scene of batik running on your eyes. You're inside the Klewer Market!

Don't complain about small path between the seller shops, it's a blessing, you can fell intimate situation between seller and buyer. On a second, you can see the eyes of the seller, knowing him/her are lie or honest selling their product. It's a secret weapon may be learnt from Klewer Market! Please take a walk first to see entire collection of the seller. You may see the newest of batik fashion displayed here. Most of the collections are for woman and girls, just a few for man and boys. Fashion is for female, it's a credo. If you find interesting design, please bargaining first, then you can take it back home. Dont' forget to use the secret weapon.

Keraton Surakarta, Surakarta, Central java, Indonesia.
It needs 1,5 hours to get there from Yogyakarta

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