PANTAI DEPOK, Extraordinary Simplicity Beach
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PANTAI DEPOK, Extraordinary Simplicity Beach
The wind blows. My foot walked in the sand. The beach surrounded by the rocks in the middle of nowhere. The t-shirt and pants joined the journey. The sky looked very blue. The ships seemed colorful. The best day started. Here! - I created a poem in my long journey last month in Depok Beach. The Beach in Yogyakarta is putted together three little things called sand, sunny and seafood into a box of touristy experience. The sailor brought you a richness of the deep blue sea into the dining table. Crabby Patty served on the table in 10 minutes you ordered. Tens of seafood restaurants sold their cuisines. Local people took an opportunity through the beach where close to their living place.

The people sold fried shrimp, oyster, crabs, fish, lobster in the range of price. Some people sold it with higher price. Some people sold it averagely. The cheapest lobster price occurred in the season of lobster. The season happened several times in a year. In the same time some restaurant located them spot in the best position: the restaurant positioned in the higher spot, the wave viewed in a straight direction, the wind swept, and the seafood served in the dining table constructed a wild imagination of culinary it self.

Sunset came earlier. The beach leaved behind. The black sand called gumuk pasir in Javanese disappeared gradually. The sand swept away from Parangtritis to Samas Beach. The grass was growth in the black down hill. Some people cycled at the hill. In the morning, some farmers cultivated rice in the field traditionally.

A simply journey started a new hope of happy life. The ambience surrounded certain places served simplicity as them main menu and combining with several natural items extended.

Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Entrance Ticket.
International / Domestic, IDR 1.500

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