PASAR BERINGHARJO, A Market to Hunt for Traditional Goods From Yogyakarta
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PASAR BERINGHARJO, A Market to Hunt for Traditional Goods From Yogyakarta
As Bali has Sukawati Market, Yogyakarta has Beringharjo Market.  The Beringharjo Market is one of the largest traditional markets in Yogyakarta and has hundreds of cheap souvenirs and goods available.  As you enter the market you will agree that Beringharjo Market could be called 'a small Yogya'.

The market is located in the inner city and is easy to find as it is situated to the north of Kraton Palace and is in the region of Jl. Malioboro.   Everything is run in the traditional way, from the bargaining process down to the packaging.  The market is full of domestic and international tourists every day trying to find unique souvenirs from Yogya.  You can bargain the price with the seller so don't  be afraid to barter for as cheap as possible because if you're lucky the seller can sell their goods at the price you are asking.

The Beringharjo Market was originally a banyan forest but after the Kraton Palace was founded it became a good place for trading so the locals made this place the centre for business.  The name Beringharjo comes from the words Bering and Harjo.  Bering means 'banyan tree 'and Harjo means 'expected to provide welfare'.  For the people of Yogyakarta, Beringharjo Market has been a centre of economic activity for hundreds years although now the market  has changed into  a fun shopping area for tourists.

In Beringharjo Market you can find a variety of souvenirs such as kebaya, surjan and typical foods and if you enter through the west door there are many motifs of batik to choose from.  The market has a collection of batik fabric, from cotton to silk, sold from hundreds to ten of thousands of rupiahs. As well as batik you can also find keris which is the sacred traditional weapon for Javanese people.

If you tire from walking through the market you can go out for a moment and enjoy the various traditional drinks which can be found in the southern section.  There is cendol ice which is made from rice flour,  and also a kind of cam cau jelly which is made from the leaves of cam cau.  Other drinks available are sweet coconut ice and herbal drinks, such as turmeric, tamarind and beras kencur. The drinks aren't expensive and start from Rp. 1000 to Rp. 2000.

Beringharjo Market usually closes at 5.00pm but in the evening some food sellers sell their local food on the west side.  After midnight there are usually gudeg sellers in front of the market so while eating you can listen to the Javanese music played or talk with the sellers who are always eager to chat.

Text. Placidia Ratih
Editor. Tasha May

Jalan Jendral Ahmad Yani, Malioboro, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Closed at 5.00 pm

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