AYAM GORENG MBAH CEMPLUNG, A Delicious Chicken in Southern Jogja
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AYAM GORENG MBAH CEMPLUNG, A Delicious Chicken in Southern Jogja
Bantul was a nice city. But don't forget, Bantul has many delicious foods. We see many beautiful villages during we got to the Ayam Goreng Mbah Cemplung. Ayam Goreng Mbah Cemplung was very famous here. It is near from Kasongan. As you may know, Kasongan is one of the biggest handicraft places on Bantul. So, you will see this food stall with a Javanese style. What a nice place, right.

It is a simply place. It looks a Javanese restaurant with a fresh air on the village. So, you can imagine that it is a nice place too for eating something. Especially, it makes you really hunger. You will see a chair with a table that is same with a Javanese style. So, you will love this place only because it is Javanese looks like.
After that, you will serve a food. Ayam Goreng means Fried Chicken. It is same when you ever eat a fried chicken on Yogyakarta. It is softer than others chicken. Because of the owner used an ayam kampung, so it was little bit small. But, I think it is not only about the size, it is about the taste.

This food is served with a sambal. It is little bit spicy, but you will get a smooth meat. With a Javanese recipe, you will get a delicious chicken here.  This recipe is made by Mbah Cemplung. But unfortunately, she passed away five years ago. So, her family manages the food stall (warung). Don't be surprise, if you love this food. You can imagine how delicious it is.

Absolutely, it is nice place to spend time here. While you can buy handicraft in Kasongan, you can get a lunch here. But, you must amaze. There are many customers. So, be patience if you come when the rest time come. This place is opened in 07.00-18.00.

So, you have to go to this place. You will see how this food makes you come back. It is very delicious. Come on! And see this Ayam Goreng Mbah Cemplung. I think you will take a second portion.  Remember, it is not about the size, but it is about the taste. (Riyan Wahyudi)

Photo : Jackson M.T

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