BRONGKOS WARUNG IJO BU PADMO, Maintaining the Family Heritage Recipes
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BRONGKOS WARUNG IJO BU PADMO, Maintaining the Family Heritage Recipes
Brongkos has been famous for the people of Yogyakarta. Glance this dish looks so unattractive, simple and the colors tend to seem dirty. However, this dish remains a choice for culinary enthusiasts. And still survive until today.

Like Bu Padmo's brongkos, it's famous as Warung Ijo Bu Padmo. Some people called like that because the wall coloured green. She started sell in1950. And still survive until now. Brongkos ''Warung Ijo'' located at dusun Ngepos, Tempel Sleman about 20 kilometers from city center. It's take 45 minutes to reach this place by your own vehicle.

Brongkos's sauce seems dark brown. Brown color is produced from a mixture kluwak (the one of the common herbs used in cooking Indonesian cuisine). This kluwak can make this dish taste special. While the sauce is thick coconut milk comes from. Santan is the juice of the coconut. In general, brongkos contain pieces of beef, eggs, tofu and tholo peanuts and belinjo are added.
This dish is very rich in flavor with spices; tasty, spicy and slightly sweet. Savory taste comes from a mixture of spices and coconut milk. For those of you who do not like the spicy need not worry, spicy flavor in this dish is not too subtle spiciness even been combined with the sweet taste, in accordance with the tongues of people of Yogyakarta.
When you begin to enter this place, you will be greeted by a friendly seller. This place is not too large but quite comfortable if worn for dinner. On the table was available already cooked vegetables brongkos you can choose your own side dishes, such as meat, eggs or tofu. You don't have to wait too long because the seller will immediately serve for you.

Brongkos will be more delicious if served while warm. Usually people at Jogja enjoyed brongkos with rice. For side dish they can choose the beef, eggs, tofu or all three. And of course the price would be different, customized with toppings that were taken. Jogja society in general will also add tempeh mendoan, perkedel, or crackers, but it is optional, depending on each person's tastes. Tempe tempe mendoan is smeared with flour and then fried while perkedel comes from mashed potatoes that were given the spices and then fried.

It's not difficult to find this dish. Stall are open during the day usually offer this menu. A serving of vegetables brongkos usually come with a serving of rice. But they are not too expensive only about Rp 6000, - to Rp 10 000,- (Placidia Ratih)

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