PANTAI DRINI, Beautiful White Sand Beach
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PANTAI DRINI, Beautiful White Sand Beach
Drini Beach lies on the East Coast in Ngestirejo Village, Tanjungsari,  and is only 3 hours drive from Yogyakarta, with a distance of 40km.  It is easy to get there and on the way you will pass several other beaches like Krakal, Baron and Kukup.

Stunning scenery spreads before your eyes as you arrive at Pantai Drini.  The beach here is unspoilt and incredibly beautiful and it is also a very interesting place to explore.  There is a stretch of beautiful white sand which sparkles when illuminated by the sun and the refreshing sea air pampers your sense of smell.  Watching the waves crash softly as they stroke the beach, you will be overcome with a sense of calm.

Due to its shape and the clarity of the sea water you can enjoy the beauty of various corals and seaweed as well as small fish, slugs, crabs, and trepans as you stroll along the beach.  The locals carry simple fishing tools and you can hear their joyous babble once in a while when they catch a beautiful colourful ocean fish.

The beautiful natural architecture which displays an interesting blend between protuberant hills and wide ocean, gives the beach a sense of isolation from the outside world.  Unlike  other beaches throughout Java which are subject to extreme heat from the sun, Drini beach has cooler weather and cooler water conditions which makes it an ideal location to relax, enjoy the scenery and take in the fresh unpolluted air.

Text & Photo : Stevan Mandagi

Ngestirejo, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Entrance Ticket.
International / Domestic, IDR 5.000

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