CAVE TUBING GOA PINDUL, Enjoying the Beautiful Inside of Pindul Cave
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CAVE TUBING GOA PINDUL, Enjoying the Beautiful Inside of Pindul Cave
It is located in Gunung Kidul. Pindul Cave offers a set of interesting natural scenery and unique traveling experience. This cave provides a different style of enjoying activity. Especially, when you are laying on a set of tubes, you can enjoy drifting along the Pindul River underground with its unique caves. It filled with a cluster of bats, the magnificient stalactites within. You are trying cave tubing now.

Cave tubing is a combination of rafting and caving by using a rubber tube. You enjoy the trips by lay inside a set of tubes and following the drift of the underground river. Cave tubing is perfect for those who love adventure traveling.

Cave Tubing can be done on a personal basis or in groups. The activity itself is relatively safe and can be enjoyed by anyone from any different age groups. Expert and experienced instructors are ready anytime to guide the participants through the journey, complete with safety equipments such as safety helmets, rubber tubes, head lamp, and safety jacket for one to wear.

The activity is one of tourist attraction which is located within Bejiharjo Village in Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, about 50 kilometers from city of Yogyakarta. The distance takes about 1 to 1.5 hours journey by car, going through the mountains. You need a vehicle with strong engines in order to reach there. 

Before reaches base camp, you can see a beautiful village that different than another village in Gunung Kidul. Actually, you can see many trees on the way to go there. As you may see, it is a teak tree. It is like a small forest around your trip. This trip makes unforgettable moment. You never see this tree on Yogyakarta. You have to see this beautiful forest. It is unusual trip because it is only found in this journey. You may get a fresh sensation.

Cave tubing at Pindul cave manage by local community, to try this trip  you'll need to spend about IDR 35.000/pax for domestic & IDR 50,000/pax for foreigner. That cost include standard safety cave tubing equipment. 
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Text. Riyan Wahyudi
Photo. Irwan Bramantyo

Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
50 kilometres far from the centre of Yogyakarta

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