Malioboro Festival: Band Parade of the Young Musicians
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Malioboro Festival: Band Parade of the Young MusiciansTalented children (Indie Drummers Community and D'Radio) participated in Malioboro Festival with band parade on Saturday (25/6). They singing folk songs and children songs in front of the Tourism Office of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.

Indie Drummers Community was singing folk songs namely Perahu Layar and Jaranan. Indie Drummers Community consists of children of primary school up to senior high school. They are young musicians who are members of the (IDC) construction of Tourism Office of Yogyakarta. Not only good at singing, they also expertly plays traditional gamelan namely saron, peking and demung. Its members consist of Yudha (saron), Desi (peking), Sasa (demung), Paradise (drums), and Mario (vocals).

D'Radio consists of five girls who become announcer of Radio Anak Jogja. They are children of the multitalented. D'Radio consists of elementary school students aged 9-13 years. They are not only good at playing music but also smart in school. "School is never disturbed because we practising after school," said Sekar SPAG, vocalist D'Radio.

D'Radio was singing folk songs and nursery rhymes with the flow of ethnic pop. They feel concerned when kids his age are singing songs of adult-themed love. "D'Radio also sang love songs. But singing the universal love between parents to child, friend, "said Sekar. D'Radio formed two years ago precisely in 2009 when the national Children's Day. D'Radio opened his performance by singing the "Cublak-cublak suweng", followed by songs Kapal Api, Jogjaku Tercinta, and Indonesiaku.

"The festival aims to promote Malioboro tourism potential to attract more tourists. Malioboro Festival could increase environmental education, educational travel, empowering small economic actors in the environment Malioboro, and stimulate the creativity of artists and cultural, "said chief executive of Malioboro Festival, Yantono, SE. Malioboro Festival was held from 25 to 26 June 2011.

Caecilia Novi Rahayu

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