Cafe with unique ambience of Jogjakarta.
Special :  Coffee & Chocolate
Facility : Hot spot area
Location : Gejayan, Yogyakarta

Jl Affandi No.5 Toga Mas Bookshop 2nd Floor , Sleman, Yogyakarta

Open Hour
Djendelo Cafe opens daily
Monday-Saturday at 12 pm - 11pm,
Monday at 4am - 11am

Imagine, a place looks like traditional book market, but you get personal ambience within. You can make your own choice of food and beverage, but also read a book in quiet ambience. The place has big windows, as you can see the outdoor clearly, at the same time tropical wind is touching your face. Located in the top of Toga Mas Bookstore, at Affandi Street, you can feel the ambience. It is Djendelo Cafe. Djendelo means windows. The word use Indonesian old spelling.

Djendelo Cafe has big windows facing at west. Wind and sunshine are coming from west side, so don't worry about the lighting if you want to read or browsing internet here. Wood coconut interior is covered the cafe, just like in a beach! Djendelo Cafe opens daily, Monday-Saturday at 12 pm - 11pm and Monday at 4am - 11am. Some traditional beverage drinks, as tea, kopi tubruk or ginger are offered, you also find milkshake, hot chocolate or cappuccino in the menu. Some cakes put on the bar; you can taste whatever you like. The price is started from Rp 9.000 - Rp 11.000 ($ 0,9-$ 1,2). Don't worry about the unique and weird menu, our youth waiter and waitress may explain it clearly and warmly.

You can serve table to hold a meeting or gathering. It is our pleasure to serve your business agenda.
Please enjoy Djendelo Cafe ; you may take unique ambience of Jogjakarta.

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