BATIK, The Art of Painting

Batik as Indonesia’s Culture Creativity and Technology become very popular as tourist souvenir in Yogyakarta and its motifs are full of the meaning and philosophy of life.

Photographing Borobudur Sunrise

The one of the most visited place in Indonesia is Borobudur temple. There are countless photographs about Borobudur Temple found on the web as well as many tours offering a visit to the temple. One of most popular are the Borobudur sunrise tours

Yogyakarta Cycling tour - an option to escape away from hustle and bustle of regular tourist path

The cycling tour through the countryside will bring you up close and personal with friendly local people, their unique culture, beautiful villages, stunning landscapes and amazing ancient temples.

Progo River Rafting with Oars boat styles

Progo river rafting with oars boat styles organized by TOP Rafting Oars Orogo. Waterfalls decorated with a rainbow, the slopes of legendary Mt. Merapi and Mt. Menoreh will coloring the panoramic while drifting along the river for 2 hours trip.

Heritage Biking, A Cycling Activity in Prambanan area

Heritage Cycling trip through many places of cultural heritage sites such as Prambanan temple, Sewu temple and Plaosan temple. You can also see the beautiful natural scenery during the journey

Traveling around Eid al-Fitr

Yogyakarta during Eid al-Fitr (Idul Fitri). Yogyakarta is the main destination for the Javanese who came back to their hometown for Eid. As such, they usually will come down to Yogyakarta for a short trip.

Currency Exchange in Yogyakarta

Currency Exchange in Yogyakarta. The rupiah is the official currency of Indonesia.

Travelling from Yogyakarta to Mt. Bromo area

Ideas for traveling from Yogyakarta to Bromo area. There is option and suggestion to visit Mt. Bromo area from Yogyakarta.

Borobudur Temple, Majestic Mysterious Magnificent

Borobudur Temple, majestic mysterious magnificent monument is the most famous places in Java as a tourism destination. Borobudur located 40 km northwest Yogyakarta city that was built for Buddhist ritual.

Jalan Malioboro, The 24 Hours Street

Jalan Malioboro is a name of the street that become a iconic of Yogyakarta city. The street is alive 24 hours a day and extends for 1 km from North to South. Malioboro as the busiest business district in the area.