Yogyakarta is known for its amazing ancient temples and heritage buildings. The touring temples is something nearly every visitor to Yogyakarta does. Use these tips to get the most out of your temple visit. 

Opening Hours
Opening hours are set independently and vary from temple to temple. Nearly all temples are open every day and remain open until the early evening.  Some temples open early in the morning with a higher cost such as Borobudur Sunrise.

Dress appropriately
If you are visiting Borobudur or another temples in Yogyakarta, you will need to dress modestly. Some temples provide coverups (traditional clothes Sarong) for the people who visit the temples. 

Show your respect
No one will mind if you enter a temple just to watch what people are doing or view the architecture, but keep in mind that most temples are active places of worship. Don't talk loudly, get in other peoples' way, or eat or drink inside temples. And whatever you do, do not act disrespectful!

Do a bit of research first
Most temples do not have much information available in English, and it can be confusing to understand what you're looking at or why it's important. 

Don't get burned out
Pick a handful of temples that you really want to see and don't worry if you don't see every single important temple when you visit Yogyakarta and surrounding. Touring temples can be exhausting and if you (or your travel companions) are tired and bored, it's not likely to be fun or rewarding.