The one of the most visited place in Indonesia is Borobudur temple. Don't leave Indonesia without visiting Borobudur Temple. There are countless photographs about Borobudur Temple found on the web as well as many tours offering a visit to the temple. One of most popular are the Borobudur sunrise tours.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour is a tour package designed to see the amazing view of sunrise at Borobudur Temple via Manohara Borobudur. A very beautiful panoramic moments to see the sunrise at the temple.


Borobudur Sunrise Photography Tips

If you’re new to photographing iconic spots or perhaps looking for some tips to help make your shots better, then pay attention.

Bring a tripod and use it. When the sun first starts to show, you’re going to be in a very low light situation but still have opportunity to get great shots. If you don’t have a tripod, your camera will want to push the ISO high resulting in grain and photos that you probably won’t be proud to show anyone. With a tripod, find a great spot to capture the rise of the sun and the slow light behind one of the stupas as a silhouette.

Don't shoot all your photos in the same spot. Walk around, have a look at the temple and the different angles of light that will be playing. You’ll find that Borobudur has 4 faces with 4 different backgrounds, use them to create a unique portfolio of your experience.

Don't let the crowds get to you. It will be crowded. We live in an era where digital photography has made everyone into a ‘photographer’ and this makes our space very crowded. Push your frustration aside and find areas to work where there are less people. Keep in mind that moving around will help minimize the frustration, as other people tend to move quickly.

Open your eyes. Take a few moments and really look around you. Give yourself a chance to feel the atmosphere and revel in the moment before you get too occupied with shooting photos. This is something I try to practice often, which is hard for me, but it leads to a more complete experience. You are, after all, being treated to a sunrise from the top of the World's largest Buddhist temple.

Don't forget your extra memory and batteries. You’ll find yourself clicking away and soon realize you’ve used them all up. The humidity on this part of the World plays a factor in this as well and can cause batteries to drain at a faster than normal rate.

However, if you are on a tight budget or can't see the value in paying for the Manohara Hotel Borobudur sunrise experience, then you could consider a couple other alternatives. The lookout points on Pethuk Setumbu Hill or Dagi Hill are said to give you some great views over the top of the complex, albeit from several kilometers away from Borobudur. This could be a good option for you if you're not looking for prime photography opportunities and just want to experience the sunrise in peace. 

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