Borobudur Vesak Festival





Tour Date

29 May 2018 - 30 May 2018

Start Price

IDR 1.530.000

Hotel Include

Yes    No

Vesak / Waisak day is celebrated by Buddhist around the world, and in different manners all over the world. In Indonesia, the core of festival will be held in Borobudur Temple, an ancient holy spot that was built in the 9th century A.D. This religious festival is held on the evening of the full moon day in the end of May.

Every year at the full moon in May (This year held on 29th May 2018), Buddhists in Indonesia celebrate Vesak at the Borobudur Temple. Vesak is celebrated as the day of birth, death and the moment when Siddhartha Gautama obtain the highest wisdom to become the Buddha Shakyamuni. All three of these events is called Vesak Trisuci. Vesak ceremony centered on three Buddhist temples by walking from the Mendut, Pawon and ending at Borobudur.

29th - 30th May 2018
Reservation minimum 1 weeks in advance



Regular package (minimum 2 pax)
IDR 1.600.000
Family package (minimum 3 pax)
IDR 1.530.000

Rate Inclusion

  • Accommodation 1 night (Twin / Triple bed)  at Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta
  • Private A/C Transportation 
  • Pass entry for the vesak ritual
  • Release the lantern
  • Refreshment mineral water.
  • Local guide at Borobudur
  • Simple dinner box (1 times)
  • breakfast at the hotel (1 times)
  • Free transport Yogyakarta city tour on the next day (30th May 2018)

Rate Exclusion

  • Lunch and additional meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Additional tour option

29th May
11.00 am  - Meeting point / Pick up at the airport, Checkin Hotel
16.00 pm - Go to Borobudur temple
18.00 pm - Preparation and procession in Borobudur temple (Waisak ritual)
22.00 pm - 24.00 pm  - onwards Pradaksina (ritual of walking around the temple) and then lantern release
01.00 pm - Back to Hotel, transfer in


30th May
Free transport Yogyakarta city tour - Transfer out

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