GOA MARIA LAWANGSIH, The Exoticism Mary Pilgrimage Cave
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GOA MARIA LAWANGSIH, The Exoticism Mary Pilgrimage Cave
Lawangsih is a natural sacred Mary Pilgrimage where located in the middle of  Manoreh hills. Located in Dusun Patihombo, Desa Purwosari, Kecamatan Girimulyo, Kabupaten Kulon Progo, the cave is approximately 40 miles to the west from the city of Jogjakarta.  Lawangsih cave can be reached by using a motorcycle, minibus or a car. It's not easy to get there because the road so narrow, winding and stepping cliffs on.  The vehicle must be really good because it have to run 45 degrees slope.

The word of Lawangsih taken from the Java language, lawang means of door or gate, and sih (asih ) means affection, love or blessing. So, Lawangsih means a gate or door of heaven blessing.

The Lawangsih cave is completely untouched by modern development. It was originally from a lawa cave (a cave that filled with bats) where was used by the local people as a place to the farmers looking for bat droppings.  In 2008 the bat cave was cleared, excavated and built as a place of pilgrimage. It took almost a year to change a bat cave become a pilgrimage cave.

The Lawangsih cave has a beautiful cave scene. It is quite large and decorated by a very beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Behind the statue of Mary, there is a small river that flows inside the cave. The water is clear as a bell. The gurgling sound of water, chirping birds, blowing wind, and the cool air will make you quit and relax. Probably, it's a nature therapy in the modern era.

On the right side, there is one more cave. This cave is more protrudes into the cave. When you enter it, you will be served by the beautiful scenery stalactites. There are some stalactites at the cave roof, dripping water on it, seems stalactites formation process is still ongoing. The water comes from springs located in the vicinity of the cave. Inside, there is statue of Jesus. The cave can be used for meditation because the atmosphere is very calm and silence.

Many pilgrims come to the Lawangsih cave, it being a sacred place to pray. Some foreign pilgrims also choose the cave as their spiritual destination.

Teks : Emanuella Indira
Photo : Stevan Mandag

Pelemdukuh, Purwosari, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
60 kilometres far from the centre of Yogyakarta

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