Food Corner

"Via-Via Resto and Bakery” A Stop to Gather and Chill

It is a challenge to travel and explore new places. Yet even tourist tend to discover new things, knowing a meeting point for fellow foreigners will be very interesting and beneficial. Established by Belgian tourism agency, “Via-Via Café and Resto” provide a space within the tagline “meeting places for world travellers, crossroads between east and west, north and south.” Your entire needs and starter pack for the best travel experience can be obtained here. Starting the business back then in 1995, via-via has been one of the most sought places for foreign tourist ever since. A place for foreign tourism to gather in the middle of their travel journey.

“Cengkir” Home for Javanese Traditional Food

Exist from decades ago eventually, the 20th-century society bringing back the old traditional Javanese restaurant style as a new trend. The rapid climb of the trend makes it easier for people to discover newly-bloomed Javanese traditional restaurants. Start a few establishments of restaurant in town. This could make tourist confused “Which should I go to within diverse options?” Hereby “Cengkir” appears as the answer. As top classified Javanese restaurant also one of the initiators, its serve us with affordable price and genuine taste of Java. Giving us the maximum sensation being a local native.

"Loving Hut" Your Best Vegan Restaurant Choice

Although it’s already globally accepted and embraced by society, vegetarian culture is not yet well-adopted in Indonesia. Thus, being a vegetarian foreign tourist in Indonesia, to some extent, mean having several obstacles finding vegetarian food or restaurant. Nevertheless, there will always a vegetarian restaurant exist in the city. For Yogyakarta itself you can visit Loving Hut. A cruelty-free restaurant with varies of food menu will be your companion while travelling in Yogyakarta with no worries.

“Sate Ratu” Addiction in A Bite

Taste of Yogyakarta also well-presented within another optional traditional dish of Indonesia, Satay. Originally discovered in Madura, satay is also well-developed in Yogyakarta as one of local’s favourite choose. The dynamics and development of satay bring up one unique satay based in Yogyakarta. “Sate Ratu” (Indonesia’s spelling of Satay) within global market approach, not only being local favorite restaurant but also globally accepted as the delicacy of Yogyakarta.

Gudeg Yu Djum, One Signature Taste You Shouldn’t Miss

“Yogyakarta and Gudeg” those two words are inseparable in the use of explaining what Yogyakarta is. Having the authentic taste of Yogyakarta, Gudeg is not only an identical food of Yogyakarta but also deeply rooted as a cultural legacy. “What should I do in Yogyakarta?” one certain answer you will get is “Don’t forget to try gudeg!”. With hundred-years recipes preserved from generation to generation, the taste of gudeg will truly disclose the signature taste of Yogyakarta