Although it’s already globally accepted and embraced by society, vegetarian culture is not yet well-adopted in Indonesia. Thus, being a vegetarian foreign tourist in Indonesia, to some extent, mean having several obstacles finding vegetarian food or restaurant. Nevertheless, there will always a vegetarian restaurant exist in the city. For Yogyakarta itself you can visit Loving Hut. A cruelty-free restaurant with varies of food menu will be your companion while travelling in Yogyakarta with no worries.

Location and Place


Loving Hut located in a well-known youth area in Yogyakarta, Demangan Street number 16 (Jalan Demangan No 16). Based in the central area and easy to reach by every transportation, so you won’t find any difficulty finding the place. As the building of the restaurant itself is not too big and catchy, you might need to slowly trace along the road to find the place.

With a yellow banner tide in the front of the shop, this restaurant directly bound by a cheerful impression. Their slogan “Be Vegan, Make Peace” clearly stating that they have another objective aside from gaining profit from their business, doing a vegetarian campaign for local society particularly Indonesian. Minimalist and modern design with Air Conditioner on the first floor and electric fan on the second floor build homey atmosphere all around the restaurant.  A snug and pleasant family restaurant to have a small talk or even chilling with your loved one.


Aside from selling cooked food, this restaurant also sells vegan based food ingredients product such as instant noodle, spice, and others. There are also some sweets and ice cream and of course vegan based food produced. Displayed on the corner self of the restaurant with neat and cute arrangement. We can see this act as one of penetration and encouragement for the customer to use plant


Food and Beverages

To say, Loving Hut doesn’t have one special dishes as its signature. It is having the model of family restaurant with various sort of foods. You will about to find mainly Indonesia and modern foods, yet you can found traditional one. The tendency of the restaurant itself is to serve a vegan based produced food. All the food offered at affordable prices.

We tried two best-selling food in the menu, Kwetiau Goreng Penang and Chasiu BBQ. Kwetiau is Chinese based food but widely accepted as a common dish for local. Kwetiau made from flat rice noodle within specification on dry-fried, stir within Indonesia spice recipes. The delicacy of its chewy noodle combined with special oil giving one unique taste that brings pleasure for those whose are kwetiau lover or simply just a first-timer. You will find savoury as its dominant taste from every component from the dish, yet you can still find some sweetness in the edge of your testing experience. Kwetiau Penang is indeed one of top list recommended Kwetiau in town.

Chasiu BBQ, the name itself more or less could define the taste of its dish. With the sensation of BBQ, Chasiu surprises us with a very similar texture to a real meat Giving chances for vegans to once again feel the experience of meat eating. Yet for those who doesn’t love sweetness, we suggest to not order this. The sweetness of the Chasiu is very strong, savoury will just come as the aftertaste of the dish, which is also not significant.  But generally speaking, the overall taste of the dish is worth two thumbs up.



The menu all written in English, or at least for certain menu it is understandable for those who don’t understand Bahasa. For the server and the waiters, you have to use basic English or even use Bahasa for certain states you want for your dish. For example, if you do not want spicy food you can say “Tidak pedas”. Or if you want to make it not too sweet you can say “Tidak terlalu manis”. A simple way is to use google translate on your phone or any kind of translator

Top-notch vegan food within eclectic taste will extravagantly satisfy the tongue of its customer.  Various kind of food will is ready to be served, fulfilling the needs and hunger.