Taste of Yogyakarta also well-presented within another optional traditional dish of Indonesia, Satay. Originally discovered in Madura, satay is also well-developed in Yogyakarta as one of local’s favourite choose. The dynamics and development of satay bring up one unique satay based in Yogyakarta. “Sate Ratu” (Indonesia’s spelling of Satay) within global market approach, not only being local favorite restaurant but also globally accepted as the delicacy of Yogyakarta.
Find the restaurant!

Sate Ratu solely located inside Jogja Paradise food court at Jalan Magelang, Sleman, D.I Yogyakarta. Visitors could find the restaurant by walking all the way to the end of the main track once they enter Jogja Paradise entrance. You will know when you arrived after see “Sate Ratu” sign in red and white coloured banner with an icon of a woman. Known as a visualization of Yogyakarta’s typical noblewoman.  
Known for its slogan as they moved in a global approach, targeting international customers, they used sentence “Kesukaan turis mancanegara dan Indonesia”. Translated as “Foreigners and Local tourist  favorite”. As marketing strategy they adorned the restaurant with pictures and impressions after foreign visitors taste and visit Sate Ratu, not to forget using promotional video. Showing how happy they are after taste the dish.Lowing your expectation on a fancy decoration and place would be a very crucial note. The restaurant uses a modest Indonesia street-food-style stalls. Dont worry, it's still comfortable to eat while avoiding  extreme sunshine or raindrops.
Sate and The Taste

There are mainly two dishes you can order, “Sate Ayam Merah” and “Lilit Basah”. Both are made from 100% pure chicken. Finely grounded and shaped in rectangular. In result, both of the sate has very sleek texture. You don’t need to chew, the sate will fuse in a biteFor “Sate Ayam Merah” it’s punctured in a wood prick, typical tools for Indonesia Sate. Yet for “Lilit Basah” It’s stacked and served in a small plate.
The heavenly moment start when you have your first bite. An obscure combination of sweetness, savoury, and spicy will sweep your sense. Surprisingly harmonized with sleek texture, rise a new unique taste of Indonesia Satay. The delicacy will not make you stop in your first bite, it will seduce you to have more and more and more.
You will find the taste is slightly different from each of the dishes. They mainly had the basic taste for the sate, but the different execution made the outcome of the taste appears differently. For the juicy “Lilit Basah”, sweet and spicy will dominate an overall taste. Yet for the “Sate Ayam Merah” you will find surprising chicken texture meet with the fusion of savoury and spicy.
Both of the dish made with a top-notch special recipe with a great wrap. Eventually will make you understand on how this satay become everyone’s favourite.
A Very High Point for Services

We were greeted by a very gracious and warm-hearted man in his 50, that turns out to be the owner himself. With excellent services and high hospitality make us stay longer and enjoy our time talking with him. It’s his strategy to reach his customer in a very personal approach. For having not only a loyal visitors also new acquaintances.
Foreigners do not need to worry. Most of the waiters are capable to speak in English, to be more precise the owner. They will explain the dishes so you won’t find any difficulty to determine your choice. A good place to settle for a while and trying one of the best dishes in town.