KEBON AGUNG, Agriculture and Culture Tourism Village
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KEBON AGUNG, Agriculture and Culture Tourism Village
If you want to make a tour at the same time learn to grow crops and get to know some foods and traditional dance, Kebon Agung Village is a good option. ''Kebon Agung Village has been a national champion rice culture. Since 2003, Kebon Agung offers tours: Kebon Agung agricultural education and traditional culture,'' said Bachroni, chairman of Group Conscious Tourism Village.

Kebon Agung Village is one of the tourist village in the district Imogiri, Bantul and known as the Agricultural Tourism and Culture Village. Kebon Agung Village is located about 17 km, south of Yogyakarta city location adjacent to the Imogiri Cemetery.

An accommodation facility provided for tourists in the form of homestay is conceptualized together with resident house. Outstanding lodging houses into one with a distinct advantage for the tourists because it can see people's lives more closely while you enjoy the village.
The attraction is trying to offer a tourist village of Kebon Agung is the direct involvement of tourists in public agricultural activities such as plowing, planting, breed and other agricultural activities can be enjoyed in the village Kebon Agung tour. Foreign visitors and tourists in the country of origin of this urban enjoy such activities.

At Sunday, July 25th, 2010 at Kebonagung Village, Imogiri was held the ''Jelajah Desa'' (Explore Village) by Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University Student Program ''Enterpreneurship Thematic'' Semester 2009/2010. This event is motivated by the desire of students to introduce and preserve the culture that may have started to be forgotten.

In addition to agricultural and cultural tourism, Kebon Agung Tourism Village presents tours such as canoeing and water in the Tegal Weir. Tegal Weir was known among sports enthusiasts because of their oars in the usual DIY using the region to fill a variety of exercises and rowing championships.

The tourists can learn batik, gamelan music, and traditional food cooking and watching the various performances of traditional arts such as a jathilan or gejog Kebon Agung lesung and also the traditional culinary delights such as Tumpeng, Cemplon, Wedang Uwuh, Pecel and many more. Tourists are also allowed to cook ''geplak'', special food Bantul to then take home.

Teks : Caecilia Novi
All Photo Courtesy of Kebonagung doc.

Kebon Agung, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
17 kilometres far from the centre of Yogyakarta

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