MASJID AGUNG KOTAGEDE, The Old Mosque at the Old Town
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MASJID AGUNG KOTAGEDE, The Old Mosque at the Old Town
Kotagede is one of the old cities in Jogjakarta. Formerly, Kotagede is the capital of Islamic Mataram Kingdom which is led by Sultan Agung. Many historic inheritances can be found at there. One of heritage building is Masjid Agung Kotagede (The Great Mosque of Kotagede). This building is the oldest mosque in Jogjakarta.

Kotagede Mosque built during Mataram Kingdom at 1640. Sultan Agung built the mosque together with local communities who are predominantly at Hindu and Buddhist. So it's no wonder when the mosque was also influenced by Hindu and Buddhist styles.

It's very interesting when you entering the quiet atmosphere of this place. In the courtyard of the mosque you can find an old banyan tree that has reached hundreds of years. Its named ''Wringin Sepuh'' which means ''old banyan.'' The societies consider that the tree as a bearer of blessings. You can also find ditch that surrounds the mosque. In the past, a ditch was used as a place where ablution (Muslim ritual wash before praying). But now used as a fishpond.

In the midst of building is a limasan (Javanese building like pyramid-shaped) visible is divided into two, namely the core and porches. On the outside of the mosque you can find old Bedug (large drum suspended horizontally at mosque to summon to prayer). This Bedug old age is not less with the mosque. Formerly this bedug is a gift from Nyai Pringgit. Until now, it still sounded the drum as a marker of time praying.
A pulpit to preach is made from beautifully carved wood materials can be encountered in the interior of the mosque. The pulpit is a gift from a Sultan of Palembang to the Sultan Agung.

Walking around the courtyard of the mosque you will see a difference in the wall surrounding the mosque building. There are stones like marble whose surface at one side and you can see the java script.
It's not too far from Kotagede Market. You can use your personal vehicle, to make you reach this place. You just need a little patience when passing through the street in front of the Market Kotagede because this area often frequent traffic jams.

This mosque still looks alive until today. Locals still use it as a place to conduct religious activities. At the prayer will be seen residents who pilgrimage to this place. (Placidia Ratih)

Photo : Irwan Bramantyo

Kotagede, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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