CANDI SEWU, The Temple of Roro Jongrang Legend
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CANDI SEWU, The Temple of Roro Jongrang Legend
In 1960, archeologists found a stone epigraph in north of Jogjakarta-Solo major street. Buried in the deepest soil located on the east side of Opak River, a long river where flows from north to south in Jogjakarta. The stone epigraph has numbered of the year 792. It is told about a building which is a sacred building for Manjusri, a Bodhisattva in Buddhism, called Manjus'ri Grha, a Sanskirt language, means Home of Manjusri. Manjusri means good luck, the most wisely Bodhisattva than the other. Based on Holy Bible of Buddhism, Manjusri is being a Bodhisattva for billions year, sits on the right side of Buddha Sakyamuni. The Sewu Temple built for Majusri.

Local people says about a legend about Roro Jonggrang, a smart princess, a daughter of King Boko, king of Boko Empire. Boko Empire had old enemy, another kingdom named Pengging Empire. King Boko ambitioned to rule Pinggang Empire. Then big war came between two kingdoms. The legends said that lots of soldiers, civilians, buildings and plants were destroyed. But Boko Empire lost. The castle of Boko Kingdom on the hand of  King Damar Moyo, King of Pinggang Empire, so do Roro Jonggrang belong to Bandung Bondowoso, Prince of Pinggang Kingdom.

Charmed by the beauty of Roro Jonggrang, Bandung Bondowoso wanted her to be his wife. But, her heart was hurt, because her father has been killed by him. Roro Jonggrang refused bandung Bondowo, but he pushed her out. So, Roro Jonggrang asked Bandung Bondowoso to fulfill her demands. First he must jumped down into a deep dwelling and then he must built 1000 candis for Roro Jonggrang before dawn.

First passed. Roro Jonggrang worried about it. When Bandung Bondowoso has built 999 candis in the dark night, she asked to her servants to hit lesung-an equipment which is functioned to separate rice and its package and burnt straw, as a sign that the dawn has came. The spirits which helped Bandung Bondowoso ran away, because they thought it was already dawn . Had been knowing that he had been lied,  Bandung Bondowoso was very angry. He cursed Roro Jonggrang into a sculpture in main area of Prambanan Temple, known as Durga. The 999th temple known as Candi Sewu.

It is easy to reach Sewu Temple, it is located north of Prambanan Temple, still on the complex. Shady pedestrian is connected both of candis. If walking quite makes tired, there is little car ready to pick up passenger to look around the complex.

Jalan Raya Yogya-Solo Km. 16, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Phone. +62 274 496401, 496406
Opening Hours.
Monday - Sunday at 6.00 am - 5.30 pm.
Entrance Ticket.
Included with Prambanan temple entrance ticket

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